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August 14, 2017
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There are many health benefits that could arise when you start adding meditation to your daily routine.meditation

If we were to ask people on the street how often they feel stressed, we may be surprised to hear that many people feel stressed on a daily basis. Stress is a dangerous emotion, not just for our emotional health but also our physical health, and it can lead to some pretty detrimental health complications if left ignored. Our Bellaire, TX, family doctors Drs. Manoj and Rishi Bhardwaj are here to share with you why meditation could just be the missing link to better health.

Meditation, Stress and Your Health

Sure, you may think of meditation and know that it isn’t a conventional medical treatment, but this doesn’t mean that it won’t offer some amazing benefits for your health.

Whether you are someone who often feels anxious or you’ve actually been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, you could greatly benefit from regular meditation. In fact, one study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that meditation and mindfulness-based exercises were effective for reducing anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety, as you might know, is detrimental to your health. In fact, there is some research that suggests that there could be a link between anxiety and certain chronic health problems like migraines and irritable bowel syndrome. It can also be responsible for a myriad of unpleasant symptoms such as nausea, pain or extreme fatigue.

If you haven’t found a way to combat your anxiety and you are noticing that it’s taking a toll on your health then it’s time you talked to our Bellaire, TX, doctors about meditation. We would be happy to help get you started on the path to healthier living.

Meditation and Nutrition

Since meditation is the balance between the body and the mind, it starts with a healthy diet. If you aren’t feeding your body and mind with the nutrients they need, then how can you expect anything to work properly? How can you focus your mind and relax when your body is suffering from nutritional deficiencies? Here are just some ways to improve your nutrition to reap even more benefits from meditation:

  • Avoid sugar and junk foods
  • Increase your intake of healthy fats (e.g. avocado; nuts)
  • Eat more vegetables and fruits
  • Eat more lean proteins and avoid processed, fatty meats

If you aren’t sure exactly how to revamp your diet and lifestyle around to reduce anxiety and improve your health, then Bhardwaj Health in Bellaire, TX, is here to provide you with the comprehensive medical care you need.

Find out whether or not alternative medicine may be the right approach for handling your health problems.complementary medicine, alternative medicine

While traditional medicine can be a great way to prevent, treat and manage certain health problems, there are also times when complementary medicine can help with facets of healing and care. This may be about the time that you consider alternative medicine and whether it might be able to help you. Our Bellaire, TX, internal medicine specialists, Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj and Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj are here to offer a little insight into getting alternative medicine and why it could be beneficial to your health.

What types of alternative medicine options are out there?

Chances are good that you know quite a few different alternative medicine therapies out there including:

  • Massage therapy
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Herbal medicines
  • Nutritional supplements

When we talk about alternative or complementary medicine, this means that sometimes they can be combined with conventional treatments or other therapies to improve your symptoms.

What are the benefits of alternative medicine in Bellaire?

There are quite a few ways that these non-traditional treatments could improve your health. If you are someone who is experiencing chronic pain and you haven’t found the relief you need through traditional therapy—or you just hate the idea of taking medicine—then alternative medicine may be an ideal approach for you.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, getting alternative therapy in combination with your regular treatments could help lessen the side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy. Therapies like acupuncture or massage therapy could also reduce certain symptoms such as headaches, nausea and fatigue.

A lot of these alternative therapies are also dedicated to improving both the mind and the body. Options like meditation and massage therapy can help reduce stress, lower heart rate and blood pressure, and even boost endorphins to help elevate your mood. This could be a great option for someone who has anxiety or depression.

Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj and Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj of Bhardwaj Health are proud to offer complementary and alternative medicine in Bellaire, TX. Call 832-412-1600 to learn more about the medical services we offer.

By Bhardwaj Health, PLLC
July 24, 2017
Category: Primary Care

What your primary care physicians in Bellaire, Texas want you to knowHealthy eating


Your body needs fuel to function properly, and the fuel is the food and beverages that you eat and drink. Nutrition is vital to maintaining your good health because it builds the foundation for your bones, muscles and vital organs. Your doctors Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj and Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj at Bhardwaj Health in Bellaire, Texas want to share the facts about good nutrition and why it’s important for you.

According to the Center for Science in the Public Interest, poor diet is the leading cause of premature deaths in the United States, causing an average of 678,000 deaths each year. Poor diet is a direct contributor to obesity, heart disease, cancer, and diabetes type 2.

The Center for Science in the Public Interest recommends a diet high in vegetables and fruits, beans, nuts, whole grains, and low-fat dairy products. They recommend you avoid red meats, products with white flour, high salt content foods, and high sugar content foods.

There are also some “superfoods” you should add to your diet, including:

  • Sweet potatoes, high in fiber and carotenoids
  • Mangoes, high in vitamins A and C, and potassium
  • Greek yogurt, high in calcium and protein
  • Broccoli, high in vitamins C and K, folate and carotenoids
  • Wild Salmon, high in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Oatmeal, high in fiber
  • Beans, high in protein, folate, iron, protein, magnesium and potassium
  • Watermelon, high in vitamins A and C, potassium and lycopene
  • Squash, high in fiber and vitamins A and C
  • Leafy greens, high in iron, calcium, fiber, vitamins A, C, and K, folate, potassium and magnesium

While you are focusing on the good foods, these are some foods you should limit or eliminate from your diet:

  • High-fat meats and dairy
  • Sugary and carbonated drinks
  • High sugar content foods

You should also avoid foods containing trans-fats, which are chemical byproducts that your body cannot process and eliminate effectively. Foods high in trans-fats include prepared biscuit mixes, pastries, pies, margarine and microwave popcorn.

Whenever you go grocery shopping, it’s vitally important to read the labels on foods before you buy them. Pay attention to calories, sugar content, salt, and fat content, especially trans fats.

A healthy diet will keep you healthy. Nutrition is the most important factor in maintaining your good health. For more information about nutrition and why it’s important, call your doctors Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj and Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj of Bhardwaj Health in Bellaire, Texas at 832-412-1600. Get started on your healthy nutrition program by calling today!

By Bhardwaj Health, PLLC
June 20, 2017
Category: Primary Care
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Meditation: Lower Your Stress to Better Your Healthmeditation

Stressed? Meditation is a simple technique that, if practiced on a regular basis, can help you stave off stress, decrease anxiety, improve your health, and prevent stress-related health problems.

Understanding Meditation

Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Eastern philosophies have recognized the health benefits of meditation for thousands of years. Meditation will take you into a blissful state of deep relaxation. The practice of meditation involves focusing your attention and eliminating the stream of jumbled thoughts that may be causing your stress. This process results in improved emotional and physical well-being.

Types of Meditation

Spiritual meditation is similar to prayer in that you seek a deeper connection with God and reflect on the silence around you. Movement meditation is an active form of meditation. This practice may include yoga, walking, qigong, gardening, and other gentle forms of motion. Mindfulness meditation involves paying attention to your thoughts as they pass through your mind. You don’t become involved with your thoughts or judge them. You simply observe them and take note of any patterns.

Benefits of Meditation

Research shows that stress influences a wide range of illnesses, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and metabolic syndrome. Meditation can help protect the body from stress-related illnesses. Studies have shown that meditation lowers blood pressure and can amp up your immune system. Meditation might also be useful if you have a health condition, especially one that is worsened by stress. 

We at Bhardwaj Health are advocates of all processes that can empower you to take control or better yet remove the control your illness has on YOU. 

Call us at 832-412-1600 to make an appointment and join us on a journey to better health.

Bhardwaj Health, Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj, Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj (Primary care physicians), 6800 W. Loop South Suite 228, Bellaire, TX, 77401.

By Bhardwaj Health, PLLC
June 16, 2017
Category: Primary Care
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Are you looking for ways to lessen your anxiety levels? Maybe it’s time to consider

Have you started to find that your anxiety levels have reached new heights? Worried about your health due to feeling stressed all the time? It’s amazing how much stress can impact your health, from making you more susceptible to catching the flu to increasing your chances of developing more serious conditions like high blood pressure. Our Bellaire, TX, internal medicine physicians Dr. Manoj Bhardwaj and Dr. Rishi Bhardwaj are here to provide an alternative and holistic way to combat your stress levels and improve your health.

While yoga may just seem like the hip thing to do, would you actually believe that it’s good for you? After all, yoga focuses on both the health and wellbeing of the mind and the body. By positioning your body into different poses and controlling your breathing throughout, this relaxing and therapeutic exercise is a great way to clear the mind and help you meditate. Besides leaving you feeling Zen, yoga can also combat stress levels and lower both your blood pressure and heart rate.

Better yet—anyone can participate in yoga. Whether you are just looking for a way to tackle that workforce stress or you want a relaxing way to lose weight to improve your joint and skeletal health, our Bellaire, TX, doctors may recommend adding yoga to your regular routine. Carrying around extra weight can lead people to feel stressed out not only about their appearance but also about their health. Yoga is something that anyone can take on without feeling overwhelmed by new and unfamiliar gym equipment or sudden, intense interval training (which could be too much in the beginning).

Plus, yoga works the smaller muscles around the joints to help increase stability, improve coordination and balance, and improve spinal alignment. If you are finding it difficult to get your stress levels under control, and you want an easy, safe and non-medicinal way to reduce your anxiety, then yoga may just be the missing piece you’ve been looking for.

Whether you are dealing with anxiety or you just need to schedule a routine physical, the medical specialists at Bhardwaj Health in Bellaire, TX, are here to help. Give us a call today if you want to talk more about your anxiety and other methods for managing your symptoms to improve your quality of life.

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