Welcome to Our Practice



‘There is more to medicine than medicine’

Our passion is not to just strive for your optimal physical health but to see you as a healthy and happy individual with a true passion for life again, empowering you to find strength from within where true healing begins. We want to create a new meaning to the traditional doctor patient relationship by forming a friendship where we can grow together and explore the limitlessness possibilities of physical and emotional well-being.  We believe in motivation through connection and compassion. 

We want to give you plenty of time in this exploration where you don’t feel rushed or stressed. Our goal is to help reconnect your mind, body and soul with all aspects of healing in addition to traditional medicine.  

We believe that our human bodies do not function at an optimal level especially in this day and age when we are surrounded by toxins that permeate our food, air and soil. Processed food, sugars and poor cooking techniques have stripped away most of the nutritive value from our diets. No wonder we all are feeling more tired, more pain and more depression then our ancestors have hundreds of years ago. 

Our goal for your body is not to treat the disease but to empower and enhance your body to fight this dis-ease. Optimization of your body and mind is key to living a vibrant life. 

This is a journey of healing through compassion, understanding, laughter and love—the most powerful healing energies that we all have for one another…and we would love to share this journey with you.


We have over 15 years of experience together working at Houston Methodist in the medical center as consulting Internal Medicine physicians where we work very closely with complex patients many of whom have had recent organ transplants, advance cancers and heart failure. The International Department at Houston Methodist has also entrusted us with guiding the care for patients who have traveled from abroad with advanced diseases looking for hope here. We work closely with the indigent and often neglected part of our community who suffer from severe mental illness. 

This broad experience has helped deepen our understanding and respect for all aspects of our human resilience.