Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a concierge/membership practice?

Yes and no. We do have membership fees for those who want us to be there PCP whereby we can limit the total number of patients we have in our practice so as to provide same day or next day appointments along with more personalized/extended care for our patients. We also understand that health insurance costs have been rising so we have kept our plan very affordable. In this age of high deductibles and HMO plans we provide a plan that is not exclusive and limited. The value is in the flexibility and time we save for you. Most diseases that we have treated in the hospitals can be prevented. We believe that your health should not have to wait and that the traditional doctor-patient relationship is key in preventing the debility of chronic illnesses. 

For those who just want to take advantage of our nutritional support and advice we have individual options. 

Why should I choose a membership practice over a traditional primary care model?

Good question! Most traditional practices have an average patient population of approximately 2500 and see anywhere between 20-30 patients per day with an average visit lasting 5-10 minutes. In our practice we will limit our per physician patient volume. This not only provides more available appointments but also allows us to spend much more time with our patients, anywhere from 30-60 minutes. This helps us coordinate your care better and address all issues with respect to your overall well-being.  We value your time and can many a times quickly handle simple ailments immediately over the phone or via our tele-health visit to get you feeling better fast.  Remember almost 80% of all diseases are preventable and this begins with a good relationship with your primary care provider who is easily accessible to you. 

What if I do not want to join the membership? Can I still see you?

YES. For our non-member patients we do have other options. Feel free to call or email us for more details. 

Why should I choose Bhardwaj Health?

Besides our membership services we have created more time in a stress-free environment to explore all aspects of your health. Not just your physical health but also your emotional and spiritual well-being.  Our unique ability to connect and our openness to both traditional and holistic aspects of healing is what makes us different.  We have evolving and expanding views on the meaning of true healing that can hopefully create a more happy and healthy you. 

We offer testing and expert advice on optimizing your health. We know that we are not all the same so we assist each individual based on their specific results. Remember that most illnesses persist and flourish in our bodies because we are lacking the key nutrients to establish optimum conditions to heal. Not only that, even with current supplements out there most (if not all) are not bioavailabe and/or in the right composition to be utilized by your cells. Traditional testing does not show that cellular activity. We want to discover how you function at a cellular level in order to make you thrive. 

What are the costs for your services?

Our monthly membership for our traditional practice is $108 per month for one on one long term care i.e establish ourselves as their Primary care physician. There are other options available for routine visits. More detailed testing, nutritional consultations and treatment plans are individualized. We have many options for everyone so that everyone can be evaluated and become a healthy vibrant individual



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